Frequently Asked Questions

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AbEx online education programs offers high standard, updated, interactive materials that follows the latest educational quality assurance guidelines. The courses offered are close to University undergraduate and graduate ones. However, AbEx online education courses do not lead to any university degree.
Yes, after the successful completion of each course/CE program, you will get a certificate of completion.
AbEx has just started issuing their courses and CE programs. Until this moment, those certificates are not accredited yet but, currently AbEx online education is working on certifying such certificates from appropriate accreditation bodies.
University Professors, practicing Clinical and community Pharmacists, PharmD’s and physicians are working together to produce those programs. The names of the course professors and tutors are mentioned in each course.
Courses usually run between 2-3 months, expedited courses usually run in 1.5 months and CE programs are self-directed but you are expected to finish one CE unit in an average of 2-3 hours.
You can refer to your profile where you can find a list of all your registered courses/CE programs, their status and the dated certificate.